Your Income, Your Family, Your Home! Are You Protected?

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It can be exciting thinking of the future but not when it comes to ways of protecting yourself and your family in the event you lose your income through illness or redundancy or premature death.

People naturally insure that their material assets, such as their homes and cars, but overlook the most important asset, the one thing that allowed you to buy these material assets, I’m talking about your income

If you were to lose your income have you thought about how your family will be cared for, how the mortgage payments can be met and how other commitments will be taken care of?

No, well let’s look at the following list of types of insurance you can buy to guarantee the protection of your home and your family’s future.

Life Insurance

this policy will provide a cash lump sum to fully repay your mortgage or provide cash to leave to your loved one in the event you die.

Critical Illness Cover

like life cover, this will provide a lump sum, but this time it pays out if you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness.

Income Insurance

need to replace lost earnings with a regular income if you become too ill or injured to work. It gives you the security that your mortgage and bills are covered ensuring you do not have any financial worries whilst you are unable to work

Redundancy Cover

provides a regular income if you are made redundant so you know your mortgage bills can be paid whilst you look for a new job.

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