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Buy to Let Mortgages

We are Buy to Let experts.  Whether you are a First Time Landlord or an experienced landlord expanding your property portfolio, you can compare the best buy to let mortgages online in minutes.

Buy To Let mortgages are available to clients who wish to buy a property to let or maybe your are moving home and wish to keep your current home as an investment which you will then let out.

We are experts in the Buy to Let market and have clients with large portfolios which we help manage the finance arrangements on.

The Buy to Let market has changed in recent years and is a little more difficult to enter, the amount of deposit you will need is greater than buying a home for yourself and certainly rates and fees are higher than residential mortgages. Lenders are also very cautious with clients who do not already own a home, it does not exclude you from the market it is just a little more difficult with only a few lenders to choose from.

Planning your Portfolio

If you are intending on building a portfolio, it’s vital you speak with us first, some lenders have limits on the number of mortgages or the value of mortgages you may hold with them and also with other lenders, we are best placed to let you know these limits and how to best order your portfolio to take advantage of these limits. This advice could hep you expand you portfolio to a much bigger size increaing the profitability of your property business.

Key Features

  • You can buy property to let out and earn an income from the rental income received.
  • You may re-mortgage your current home to let it out if oyu are having trouble selling or prefer not to sell it.
  • Rates and fees are usually higher and deposits usually larger.
  • You may need to earn a minimum amount of income to qualify for some lenders mortgages.

It is vital you get professional advice right at the start to ensure you can maximise your portfolio size and profits, call our mortgage experts on 01233 512012

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