Getting A Mortgage With a Debt Management Plan

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Can I get a mortgage with a debt management plan?

Did you know that mortgages are available to people who have been in or are in a debt management plan.  They are available for;

  • Re-mortgage and raise cash for home improvements or to
  • Re-mortgage to raise cash to repay your debt management plan
  • Moving Home
  • First Time Buyers

We have access to 6 mortgage lenders who will consider a mortgage for clients who have suffered past financial problems and subsequently entered in to a debt management plan. Which mortgage is available will depend on several factors including how much deposit you can pay and the details of your debt management plan.

We offer a free credit report review which includes analysing the data in your credit report against the criteria set by the bank when they assess a potential mortgage application.  This allows us to match you with the right lender and obtain the best interest rate possible.

Who can get a mortgage with a debt management plan?

Almost anyone who is in a debt management plan can qualify for a mortgage as long as you have been in yourplan for at least 2 years and you have made all repayments on time. This includes re-mortgaging to allow you to clear your debt management plan which could be the start of repairing your credit report, getting you on the road to financial normality.  Our financial repair plan could see you with high street lenders in just a few years.

Either call us on 01233 512012 or upload a copy of your credit report from equifax or experian.  We will normally complete our review within 4 hours at which point we can tell you if we can secure a mortgage for you and at what rate.

For more information or to get a quote call one of our professional and experienced Mortgage Advisers on 01233 512012

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