How Armed Forces Can Buy A House

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Armed Forces Help to Buy Mortgage

If you are a member of Her Majestys Armed Forces you might find it’s not so easy to buy a house, obstacles such as lack of deposit, serving overseas or posted somewhere other than where you want to buy a new home.These barriers don’t sit easy with all banks and building societies but it’s good to know that we have a pretty awesome solution to help you get on the housing ladder.

How we can help you?

Help with your deposit – With use of the Government and Ministry of Defence Forces Help to Buy scheme, you can borrow an interest free loan of up to 50% of your salary, which can be used towards the deposit.

Don’t want to live in the property just yet – No problem, you can get permission to let the property from day one, with no Consent to Let fee or additional loading of interest rates.  This is great as it allows you to buy now, let the property and then move in when you are ready.

95% Mortgage? – Yes, these are available to you, just a 5% deposit get you a mortgage to help buy a new property.

Of course, there are some restrictions but we can talk through these with you as part of the advice process.  For more information give us a call free on 0800 193 0178 one of our brokers will be happy to explain it all.

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